Our Investment Thesis

Berg Capital Group was incorporated to provide a higher success rate for first and second time tech entrepreneurs in the local mid-Atlantic region, especially amongst the veteran, intelligence, government servant, and tech-focused entrepreneurial communities.


Our membership is almost exclusively made up of successful entrepreneurs who want to see others succeed and thrive.


Our first investment thesis involved investing in individual companies in the form of convertible debt notes, or as direct stock investments, requires substantial amounts of time and energy by early stage investors, mentors, and angels. This is especially true when investing first and second time tech entrepreneurs. In 2014 through 2018, BCG heavily leveraged its networks and investors to ensure successful outcomes for these brave and smart entrepreneurs. However, the demand for this time outpaced our investor supply, and a new investment thesis was developed.


Between 2017 and 2019, BCG members collectively decided to refocus on the same early stage tech entrepreneurs, but through a different investment vehicle: professional run and managed venture funds who had at least three full-time fund managers to conduct thorough diligence, provide even greater support, and connect with even more well placed introductions to ensure success.


By 2020, our revised investment thesis has been implemented, and has had great success. The company has transitioned to fully investing in only Seed and Series A Venture Funds run by well known, previously successful, and “pay-it-forward” funds backed by the best fund managers in the area: Jim Hunt, Doug Doan, and Craig Cummings supported by equally talented GP’s Steve Smoot, Randy Beardsworth, Kelly Purdue, and Dan Hanks amongst many others.


How to know if joining BCG is right for you?

  • You want make scalable wealth, and you are risk tolerant

  • You believe that being a passive investor in larger Venture Funds might be a good way to take mitigate investment in early stage companies

  • You are an SEC Accredited Investor

  • You want to be a member of a group of like minded professionals that support local entrepreneurship that have a “pay it forward” mindset 

  • You are comfortable pooling assets to make Venture Fund Limited Partner investment minima within a trusted group

We proudly use Silicon Valley Bank for banking needs, Cooley LLP for legal support, and LRMCPAS for our booking keeping and tax preparation. 

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